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in 21st century central and eastern Europe



A Polish Collector's Passion for Art and Design

POZNAN, POLAND — The reception area of Grazyna Kulczyk’s private office looks a bit bare because many items have already been packed away. But the view is intact: the rooftops of Poznan, a city of brick buildings in west-central Poland. “It…

Wild Child of the Violin on Meteoric Rise

BERN, SWITZERLAND — Patricia Kopatchinskaja would rather be known for the passion and virtuosity of her violin playing than for the fact that she often performs barefoot — or that sometimes she hums along with the orchestras while accompanying…

2Cellos Discuss Music, YouTube and U2

BUDAPEST—Last October I went to Budapest to interview Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić, the two musicians who make up 2Cellos, for an International New York Times story on classical crossover music. I had never been backstage before at a concert,…

A Polish Artist's Take on Immigration

Warsaw-born Edinburgh-based artist Monika Szydłowska's new book "Do You Miss Your Country" is a humorous, insightful and poignant comic book looking at issues of Poles and immigration. Written in both English and Polish, the book examines--through…

A Uniform for Change

BELGRADE—On the eve of a new year, many resolutions are made and the year ahead is a blank canvas of hopes, ideas and plans. Some people plan to go on diets while others make the goal to travel more or look for a new job. Serbian-born performance…

Agata Zubel, Poland's Contemporary Classical Star

WROCLAW, POLAND — With her right hand on her hip, Agata Zubel stood in front of a large black music stand, listening intently to the conversation between the members of eighth blackbird, a six-piece Chicago-based ensemble working on the contemporary…